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JEE Main Physics for class 11 and class 12

Register with valid and correct info -> Activate account and Login -> Choose Course JEE Main Physics -> Setup by selecting chapters from JEE Main Physics by redeem points -> Select Country name Pay from -> Confirm Pay amount in My Redeem Cart -> Pay Online by PayTM or, Paypal -> Go to Study Desk start practicing.


JEE Main Physics for each class 11 and class 12 is right now at 15% discount i.e., the regular price of Rs.2258/$32 is priced at Rs.1919/$27.42 or less (This is a limited period offer). You also have the option of selecting chapters of your own choice to customize the course for JEE Main Physics class 11 and class 12 and get 10% – 15% price discount.


JEE Main Physics class 11 and class 12 each has 15+ Chapters with Curriculum of 45 Sections, 450+ Questions & Answers, 600 Practice Test with solution, 1200+ Chapter MCQ with Explanation. You can take personalize subject MCQ test by preparing chapters of your choice, question strength and number of questions. Download Model question papers for practice offline as much as you want at your own time to make sure cracking the JEE Main Physics.


The Study Desk has unique step by step guidance for each chapter of JEE Main Physics. Study Desk has 6 study modules as Curriculum, Q&A, Practice Test, Chapter MCQ, Subject MCQ, Questions Bank and with 3 Tracking Modules Performance, Attendance Log, Report Card.


Our smart system makes you smarter and guarantee you getting a high score in JEE Main Physics and will help you to obtain an AIR (All India Rank) within 1000. Smart Student can refer friends to get FREE 100 points for each reference and referred friend will also get 100 FREE points once they activate their account. Best Students will be Rewarded Rs.2000 for College Application.


SOS offers a World Class Study Desk for JEE with six study modules and three performance tracking modules.


SelfOnlineStudy - Study Desk - Curriculum

Offers a methodical & systematic curriculum keeping in mind the needs of every student who are preparing for JEE. The curriculum specifically helps understanding the finer chapter detail and useful tips for JEE.


SelfOnlineStudy - Study Desk - Sample Q & A

Gives student the chance to experience the type of questions that can be expected in JEE. The best part of this module is that the student gets the feel of the JEE exam before subjecting to the real test.


SelfOnlineStudy - Study Desk - Question Bank

Offers student all possible questions to prepare well for the JEE. These practice question papers help the student develop enough confidence to solve the problems in timely manner in the JEE exams.


SelfOnlineStudy - Study Desk - Practice Test

Offers unlimited practice test in each and every section so that you have in-depth knowledge required for JEE. A student can go through a practice test to get acquainted with different variety of question and difficulty levels ranging from beginner to expert.


SelfOnlineStudy - Study Desk - Chapter-wise MCQ

A student should take JEE Mock Tests several times focusing each chapter/section. This module generates random set of questions based on each section & provides milestones to student to accomplish that.


SelfOnlineStudy - Study Desk - Subject-wise MCQ

Offers a platform to choose multiple section(s), number of questions is test-set & schedule a test date as per personalized goal & planning. This unique module helps student to build proper planning and time management for the JEE examination.


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What are all the courses SOS is offering right now?

We are currently offering CBSE Class 11 & 12 science subjects with some additional modules for JEE and NEET aspirants and dedicated courses for JEE and NEET.Keep visiting SOS for new courses.

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As the world is changing to use more and more of technology, it pays to stay tuned with the technological advancements. Practicing online examinations will give the student a huge edge over others. More and more examinations are using web-based technologies. Your practice with SOS tools will make you adept in those, and shall help you become successful in such examinations. You will be more motivated to learn when all the information that you need, is readily available at your finger tips.

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