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SAT English Reading

Our SAT Reading course focuses not only on achieving great score but also on how students can succeed in academics and career.

Experts at SOS has built the SAT Reading course on the fundamental that reading skills in all sorts of subjects is extremely necessary and is one of the vital building block towards a great career.

Our carefully designed course will enhance students capability of interpreting the passage content properly and also to understand what the writer's words imply. This course will help the students to read between the lines.

At the same time, the students can use the Chapter MCQ tests to strengthen their weak areas and Subject/Section MCQs to assess their overall grip on the subject.

There are number of question papers available for offline preparation. Our expert team time to time change the question paper set and Practice MCQ sets depending on complexity level.

We strongly recommend our students to take tests and evaluate the session closely. Students can take tests here as:

Pre-set Practice Papers

Chapter-wise random set of question papers with answers and explanations.

Subject-wise customize your test to increase time management capabilities.