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SAT English Writing

Our experts at SOS have designed the SAT Writing course to enhance the practical skills of reading, correcting and improving the writing skills of the student.

Our course focuses on the skills of spotting and correcting problems which is the SAT Writing test measures.

By going through our course thoroughly and by practicing the tests, students can be rest assured of securing a very good score and also sharpening the building blocks of writing: Choice of words, sentence structure, usage and punctuation.

At the same time, the students can use the Chapter MCQ tests to strengthen their weak areas and Subject/Section MCQs to assess their overall grip on the subject.

There are number of question papers available for offline preparation. Our expert team time to time change the question paper set and Practice MCQ sets depending on complexity level.

We strongly recommend our students to take tests and evaluate the session closely. Students can take tests here as:

Pre-set Practice Papers

Chapter-wise random set of question papers with answers and explanations.

Subject-wise customize your test to increase time management capabilities.