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Study Desk

SOS offers a World Class Study Desk with six modules: Curriculum, Sample Q&A, Practice Test, Chapter Test, Subject Test and a Question Bank from your selected chapters. It also offers three tracking modules - Performance, Log Summary and Report Card.



SOS offers a methodical and systematic curriculum keeping in mind the needs and requirements of each and every student. Our experts have designed the curriculum tuned specifically for competitive exams. The student can be rest assured that when he/she uses SOS as a learning tool, his/her needs are met to the world standards.

The core science subjects can be intimidating to students. The primary reason being not having a sound and systematic approach to those subjects during the learning years. SOS has identified such factors, and it offers an integrated system that blends learning with conceptual explanations in addition a unique approach to learning the subject. Students can gain proficiency in the subjects by being able to learn in a supportive environment where they can easily explore their inner talents and abilities.

SOS makes every effort to offer an interactive and customizable curriculum, which would help students with their learning needs and ensure that all the important topics in each subject have been dealt with exhaustively.


Sample Q & A

When it comes to learning a subject, it is not enough to memorize a few facts and formulas. Such an approach can only result in average scores. A motivated student should be keen not only to understand the concepts but also take the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge when tested. Sample Q&A is an integral part of SOS, and is provided to facilitate the students to do their best in the exams.

Designed by expert educators after an intensive research, Sample Q&A caters to a variety of test structures and educations boards around the world. Sample Q&A gives a student the chance to experience the types of questions he/she can expect in different exams. The best part of attempting Sample Q&A is that the student gets the feel of the exam before subjecting himself/herself to the real test. Solutions with detailed explanations are provided for all questions such that the students can cross verify their answers.


Practice Test

Lack of enough practice problems in textbooks is a serious drawback of conventional education. SOS ensures that students not only have the conceptual knowledge but also receive plenty of practice with problems from each and every topic covered in a chapter. Practice of problem solving facilitates an in-depth understanding of the topic.

SOS offers unlimited practice test in each and every section. A student can go through a practice test to get acquainted with a different variety of question of difficulty levels ranging from beginner to expert. A student can take these tests multiple times. Each question would have multiple answer options and the student is expected to select the right answer.

Every test would randomly generate questions based on chapter you select for the test. Practice is the key to success.


Chapter MCQ

Mock tests are simulated tests that resemble a real testing environment. SOS offers mock tests for a variety of education boards and college admission tests around the world as it helps students to get accustomed to what they can expect in their real examinations. SOS specifically instructs its students to try the mock tests after studying each and every chapter. It helps students to identify their areas of strength and weakness and the topic which they need to concentrate more. It is a very effective tool for self-evaluation.

A student should take Mock Tests several times. Each time a student takes this test, he/she would get a different set of questions. Each question would be presented with multiple choices as answers, from which you make your selection. After taking a test, a student is advised to go through the solutions and detailed explanations for all the test problems. Even for problems answered correctly. The explanations can be extremely helpful in building your knowledge and refining your understanding of the subject.


Subject-wise MCQ

The purpose of introducing an Advanced Subject Test for each and every subject is to measure a student’s proficiency in that specific subject. Advanced Test results are reported in the Progress Report of the student. Advance Test helps students to understand where they stand in their knowledge of the subject, and if they require further guidance. Since the Test is designed to be of the same rigor as a real test, it helps the student get accustomed to the examination, and thus, instill confidence in the student.

This test is uniquely designed to prepare the student to do well in real tests. After adequate preparation a student can schedule a test date, choose chapters of his/her choice from a subject, and publish the date.

Each test question will have multiple choices, precisely choose the right answer. Take the test in an environment, and with the mindset, which resembles real test situations.
Result of Subject test appear on the student’s Report Card.


Question Bank

SOS has made available a huge question bank on each and every subject. It has carried out an intense research and analysis to build an exclusive question bank for the students.

Formulated under the guidance of experienced teachers, the question back offers the student all possible questions to prepare well for the examination. These practice questions help the student develop enough confidence and become an expert in each and every subject.



A performance chart presents a concise, yet detailed, picture of a student’s performance in study and test sessions. It highlights the student’s strength and weakness and makes it easy to monitor his/her progress. It helps the student identify the areas where he/she should spend his/her time more wisely and give concentrated effort.

Performance Chart tracks the time spent in studying and also the proficiency demonstrated in tests. The graphical representation of time spent each month is displayed. Another graphical representation of your score/performance for each of the Chapter Test and Subject Test is provided. Use these charts to determine where you need to spend your time as you progress.

A pie chart portrays a holistic view of the student’s attendance in all the modules. At one glance, it shows you how much time you have spent on each module. Depending upon your performance in different subjects/chapters, you can decide to spend more time on some modules and less time on some other module.


Log Summary

The purpose of the log summary is to monitor the most significant activity – study habit! The log summary shows the date and time spent on any module of any subject, broken down by sections. This information can be used to identity where the student should spend more time.


Report Card

SOS has made available a huge question bank on each and every subject. It has carried out an intense research and analysis to build an exclusive question bank for the students.

Formulated under the guidance of experienced teachers, the question back offers the student all possible questions to prepare well for the examination. These practice questions help the student develop enough confidence and become an expert in each and every subject.

What our Students Say

Students say about our remarkable services.

  • Souvik Gaanguly - Rutgers University

    Self Study Online has helped me build my confidence in test taking. Its rigorous curriculum with no-nonsense approach to each subject keeps you on your toes. The best thing is, I never felt bored studying and taking tests on the SOS platform. I strongly recommend SOS to any student who wants to take charge of his education and wants to succeed in real life exams.

    Souvik Gaanguly - Rutgers University
  • Martin Yim - Boston University

    Practice makes perfect, and that’s what SOS helped me achieve. SOS provided me with an excellent opportunity to try my knowledge on a wide variety of interesting problems of different levels of difficulty. Using SOS I could develop an efficient test taking strategy that works during real life exams. Thank you SOS.

    Martin Yim - Boston University
  • Joyce Huang - University of Vermont

    Before I embarked upon Self Online Study, I tried many different online study sites. Most of them were either too expensive, or they were too trivial. SOS was the only study platform that offered me with high quality study material and tests problems that even top rated companies fail to provide. Step by step, SOS helped me train myself to take tests like a pro. If you want to succeed in competitive exams, don’t look any further. I owe my success to SOS.

    Joyce Huang - University of Vermont
  • Ryan Crane - University of Michigan

    I was skeptic of online study sites and believed a live classroom is the only way to master a subject. Self Online Study changed my belief. SOS offered me the perfect learning environment and helped me develop my expertise in gradual steps, at a pace that I felt was right for me. SOS challenged my understanding with a variety of interesting problems and then explained the solutions in a lucid manner. Today, I have no hesitation in saying that Self Online Study is the best online learning site today.

    Ryan Crane - University of Michigan
  • Debjit Das - University of Illinois at Urbana

    I was looking for SAT preparation programs but with SOS I not only found SAT prep programs, it also helped me enhance my knowledge on the subject matter. Their subject-wise and chapter-wise tests helped me build on my strengths and in addition get rid of my weakness across subjects. SOS is the biggest reason because of which I feel so confident today. Kudos to SOS.

    Debjit Das - University of Illinois at Urbana
  • Tiffany Wu - University of Los Angles

    I was putting my hard work but was disappointed with the poor study material and non-systematic approach of the online study sites I enrolled with. Got to know about SOS from one of my friend and enrolled with them trusting my friend’s experience. Today with a high degree of satisfaction I can say that SOS is the best when it comes to online study. SOS’s exhaustive curriculum along with highly customizable test preparation has done wonders to develop my knowledge and confidence.

    Tiffany Wu - University of Los Angles