About SOS

Self Online Study (SOS) wants to reach out to all students across the globe and help them achieve their goal. We as a team believes in providing value education. In today's world where study expenses are going up, our aim is to provide online education at an affordable price for everyone.

We don't believe in wrapping education in a fancy shell and sell it to students at a high price. We believe in simplicity and affordability. Hence we decided to keep affordable prices for our offerings and just charge users the minimum, so that we can maintain our high teaching standards and infrastructure to provide the same. Our content developers have designed every course in a manner which helps students to learn, understand and improve through practice. Through years of experience we have designed our SOS service where the teachers and parents can team up with students and help them along their way to success. Through our services we are helping students achieve their dreams of cracking competitive exams and getting themselves into their desired course and college.

At the moment we are offering courses for competitive exams like JEE-Main, NEET and Preparation for CBSE Class 11 & 12. We are working on more Indian courses and to expand Globally we will be soon introducing International Preparation Courses like SAT and as per our motto we will make sure each and every student can afford it and make their dream come through with it.

SOS is promising you to offer the best support and guidance to each student in such a manner that it will make their learning into a passion.

SOS through their platform is trying to make an environment where "Every Student has a Level Playing Field".