Open Own Virtual Classroom and Teach Online

Any Smart and Dynamic individual who has a dream to be an entrepreneur and is looking for a self-employment service, then we have a great news for you. Self Online Study (SOS), a US based organization, is offering you to choose any of our sub services to join hands with us to help students and establish yourself as a Global Educator.

To get more detail on Online Tutor send email to For faster reply, please mention “Sub Service Online Tutor” in the subject line.

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Online Tutor

SOS is committed to bring the best study experience for students. In order to offer online tutor facility, we are inviting prospective teachers who would like to teach our students online.

This study shall take place in a virtual classroom. A teacher can be in any part of the world to teach a student residing in another part of the world. Online tutoring gives the facility of an online classroom at your convenient time and location. It also nurtures your passion to teach and learn.

Who could be part of the SOS Online Tutor group?

Interested qualified teachers, private tutors who have knowledge of SOS defined courses JEE-Main, NEET, CBSE Class 11 & 12 can join the SOS Online Tutor group to teach students online. Registering in the system is a must to start. Internal selection committee will approve as SOS Teacher based on their qualification, teaching experience and strong internet connected device handling ability. The teacher should be able to fluently communicate in English & Hindi (Other local language options will be introduced in the future as well).

What would be SOS Online Tutors' responsibilities?

All selected teachers will take their own initiative to use the SOS system to get used to understanding how it works. Go through the Course each section video class, class note, Q&A examples, Video explanation, unlimited MCQ mock test chapter wise and subject wise. Online tutoring systems to handle a group of students explaining them the concepts using PDFs, PowerPoint presentation, Notes and by using online whiteboard.

Teachers can bring their students in the SOS online system and SOS registered course enrolled students also can join online doubt clearing classes.

Is it a permanent or a part-time job?

Part-Time hourly rated job. Each online class for one hour for a small students group chapter wise doubt clearing session. Pre Schedule class and time available for teachers and students.

What are the teachers' benefits?

Teachers can adopt a world class online education system which is also highly required for current and future generations. SOS has a rich course content for JEE-Main, NEET and CBSE Class 11-12 content right now. Many more such courses are on their way as well along with International competitive exam like SAT will be available on the SOS platform very soon. SOS system can be used by the teacher to teach their own students in addition to 100s of students who are enrolling on a daily basis. The teacher will have the ability to schedule a Doubt-clearing class with the students. All the online and technical functionalities will be taken care by the SOS service, the teacher just need to focus on the students learning and their query/doubt. Based on students' demands and requirement the teacher can take as many classes as they want. SOS is flexible when it comes to students benefit and teachers values.