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FAQ for Students

JEE Main Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for Class 11 & 12 two years. NEET UG Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Class 11 & 12 two years. CBSE Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology for Class 11 two years CBSE Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology for Class 12 two years. Shortly going to add more courses.
It is very simple for any student to get access. Only need internet connected Desktop, Laptop, mobile can access from anytime anywhere. Just register and activate your login account. Select the Course JEE Main, NEET UG, CBSE Class 11 and CBSE Class 12 by subscription.
Yes, for each course access you need to pay one time to get full 2 years course access from the date of payment. You can pay by PayTM for Indian students and the rest of other countries pay by PayPal.

JEE Main Physics, Math and Chemistry for class 11 and 12 two years Rs.11995 now 25% discounted Price Rs.8996

NEET UG Biology, Physics and Chemistry for class 11 and 12 two years Rs.11995 now 25% discounted Price Rs.8996

CBSE Math, Biology, Physics and Chemistry for class 11 two years Rs.7995 now 25%discounted price Rs.5996

CBSE Math, Biology, Physics and Chemistry for class 12 two years Rs.7995 now 25%discounted price Rs.5996

*Discounted offer still valid for 2023-2024.

Yes, within 30 days money back guarantee. If you don’t like or are not interested to use it within 30 days of your date of payment, just send an email to from your registered email with the subject line “Please Pay me back the money I paid for Course Name” and write a detailed cause for refund. Your money will be payback with deducted service cost GST, Fees.
Each chapter brief introduction with importance for exam, Sections will be covered. Class Notes and Teacher explained videos. Step-by-step Q&A examples video and many solved Q&A. Chapter wise and all chapters together subject MCQ Mock test. Also review section will be release time to time. Every step of student study and test will be followed by SOS AI system and monitor by teacher and give advice as well support. Student request online virtual class will be arranged.
It is a unique system and gives 100% guarantee will be get succeed. You may be joined in any coaching center, taking tuition classes or attending online. You need SOS to verify and review your progress. Students need some support help from teacher when they are not getting enough support from school. Lot of online and class teaching couching center, tutoring facilities are available but at a very high cost which every student can’t be afford but SOS is risk free, very affordable price, teacher support, best service, rich content with specific courses.

100% different than other online systems. It is not right to criticize other systems, but many other systems run by corporate and major objective making profit. SOS wants to give best online service to more people that might need marketing to inform people but not taking money from student's parents advertise on TV, Radio by movie Star and Celebrities. We only want serious students for study.

SOS is a group of IT experts and educators together build a system to help students offering best service, enriched course content, monitor by teacher and pay less.

Yes, SOS guarantees students' getting high score obtain an AIR (All India Rank) within 1000 to get one of the best colleges admissions. If your question how? check your Dashboard help you show progress report and recommend suggestion.

FAQ for Teachers

Interested qualified  teachers, private tutors who have knowledge of SOS defined courses JEE Main, NEET, CBSE/NCERT Class 11 & 12 can join the SOS teacher group to teach students online. Registering in the system is a must to start. Internal selection committee will approve as SOS Teacher based on their qualification, teaching experience and strong internet connected device handling ability and use of the system able to communicate in English, Hindi or at least a State Language.
All selected teachers will take their own initiative to use the SOS system to get used to understanding how it works.Go through the Course each section video class, class note, Q&A examples, Video explanation, unlimited MCQ mock test chapter wise and subject wise. Online tutoring systems to handle a group of students explaining displaying PDF, Powerpoint steps and notes also use whiteboard.

Teachers can bring their students in the SOS online system and SOS registered course enrolled students also can join online doubt clearing classes.

Part-Time hourly rated job. Each online class for one hour for a small students group chapter wise doubt clearing session. Pre Schedule class and time available for teachers and students.
Teachers can adopt a world class online education system which is also highly required for current and future situations. Completely tested and enriched course content will be available.Use for own students and SOS registering 100 of students daily basis will be more opportunity. Pre scheduled flexible timing own space.All arrangement SOS will take care you just spend an hour doubt clearing class. SOS respects teacher values as many classes as teachers can take the best of students' demands.

FAQ for Parents

If your children are attending coaching centers online or offline they must review their final exam preparation to get feedback. As a parent you can review child progress, parents must register in the system. On your child authorization, parents can access child records from online anywhere anytime.