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 FAQ for Students

Currently we have the following courses available on our website:

  • JEE Main Class 11 & 12 comprising of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for 2 years.
  • NEET UG Class 11 & 12 comprising of Physics, Chemistry and Biology for 2 years.
  • CBSE Science Class 11 comprising of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology for 1 year.
  • CBSE Science Class 12 comprising of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology for 1 year.
We are working on more Indian Courses along with International exam preparation course like SAT.

It is very simple, just click on "Create an account" button on the "Log in" page. Provide all the mandatory details and Submit the form. You will receive a verification mail. Once you verify, your account will be active. Once active, you can buy the course you are looking for and get started with your preparation. Our SOS site can be viewed from desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile as it is responsive in nature. Although we always recommend a larger screen for better viewing experience.

Yes, for each course you need to pay one time to get either 1 or, 2 years access (depending upon the course) from the date of payment.

Following are the number of years access for each course:

  • For JEE Main Class 11 & 12 course you will have 2 years full access.
  • For NEET UG Class 11 & 12 course you will have 2 years full access.
  • For CBSE Science Class 11 course you will have 1 year full access.
  • For CBSE Science Class 12 course you will have 1 year full access.

Yes, you have 30 calendar days from the date of purchase to apply for the refund. You have to just send an email to with the subject line "I want a refund" and write all details of the course/s you have purchased and the reason for which you want us to refund. If you are eligible then your money will be refunded (deducting any tax and service charges) within 7 working days. The mode of refund will be the same as that of the payment. No cash refund is entertained.

All the SOS courses has the following features to help the students secure a good score:

  • Each chapter has a brief introduction and it's importance in that particular curriculum.
  • Recorded lectures of every class consisting of detailed explanation of the concepts of each and every chapter.
  • Videos of solved Questions and Answers (Q&A) to improve the analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Unlimited practice tests consisting of MCQs to check students preparation.
  • Chapter-wise MCQs to test students understanding of the concept and also to test their analytical skill.
  • Subject-wise MCQs including 3-5 chapters to test students progress as they go through multiple chapters.
  • Subject Mock Test in MCQ format to test the students understanding of the entire subject along with testing and improving their analytical skills.

It is a unique system that gives 100% guarantee of getting success. You may join a coaching center, taking tuition classes but you still require SOS to verify and review your progress. Our unique step-by-step learning methodology provides students the feedback they require to get confident while appearing for their exams.

Students need some extra support and help from teacher when they are not getting enough support from school. Lot of online platforms, coaching centers and tutoring facilities are available but at a very high cost which every student can’t be afford. Whereas SOS provides a risk free and affordable pricing structure for all our courses along with expert teacher support, prompt service and rich content.

100% different than any other online education platform. The difference is there in the approach. It is not right to criticize other systems, but most of the systems are run by corporate and their major objective is making profit. Whereas SOS wants to give best online service to as many students as possible by keeping the prices of the courses extremely affordable. How we can achieve that? Simple, we cut down on marketing to reach out to people. We rather rely on people's word of mouth. We don't want to take money from our users by advertising on TV and radio by Movie Stars and Celebrities.

SOS is a group of IT experts and educators who came together to build a system to help students by offering them the best service, enriched course content and mentorship at an extremely affordable rate so that we can fulfill our motto, i.e, "Every Student has a Level Playing Field"

Yes, SOS guarantees students' getting high score in AIR (All India Rank) within 1000 to get one of the best colleges for admission. If your question is how? We have a evolved Dashboard which will help you show your progress and recommend suggestions for you to better your score. You just need to follow it and practice hard.

 FAQ for Teachers

Interested qualified teachers, private tutors who have knowledge of SOS defined courses JEE Main, NEET, CBSE Science Class 11 & 12 can join the SOS Teachers' Group to teach students online. Registering in the system is a must to start. Internal selection committee will approve as SOS Teacher based on their qualification and teaching experience. Knowledge of internet connected device handling ability and use of the system is a must. Also the teacher should be able to communicate fluently in English and Hindi (Other local language options will be introduced in the future as well).

All selected teachers will take their own initiative to use the SOS system to get used to understanding how it works. Go through the Course each section video class, class note, Q&A examples, Video explanation, unlimited MCQ mock test chapter wise and subject wise. Online tutoring systems to handle a group of students explaining them the concepts using PDFs, PowerPoint presentation, Notes and by using online whiteboard.

Teachers can bring their students in the SOS online system and SOS registered course enrolled students also can join online doubt clearing classes.

Part-Time hourly rated job. Each online class for one hour for a small students group chapter wise doubt clearing session. Pre Schedule class and time available for teachers and students.

Teachers can adopt a world class online education system which is also highly required for current and future generations. SOS has a rich course content for JEE-Main, NEET and CBSE Class 11-12 content right now. Many more such courses are on their way as well along with International competitive exam like SAT will be available on the SOS platform very soon. SOS system can be used by the teacher to teach their own students in addition to 100s of students who are enrolling on a daily basis. The teacher will have the ability to schedule a Doubt-clearing class with the students. All the online and technical functionalities will be taken care by the SOS service, the teacher just need to focus on the students learning and their query/doubt. Based on students' demands and requirement the teacher can take as many classes as they want. SOS is flexible when it comes to students benefit and teachers values.

 FAQ for Parents

We have put a lot of thought about this while developing SOS. One way to help is to get you child the required course from our site so that he/she get an enriched course content with a great SOS feedback system which will help your child secure a great score. The best part is that you can review your child's progress by registering in our system as parent.

Another scenario could be that your child is already attending coaching center (online or offline) but they still a need an expert review system to understand where they stand when it comes to their preparation. SOS can provide that expert review system at a very affordable rate where not only the student but you as parent can track his/her progress as well. In addition your child will get the SOS enriched course content for their practice.